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In the natural course of providing Humanist funeral ceremonies I can also offer some additional services. These are not compulsory at all and I offer them simply in case they can make things easier for you.

additional services

Printed Order of Ceremony

To have a printed Order of Ceremony (or Order of Service, if you prefer) or not is something only you can decide. You do not have to have one by any means, but some people prefer to as the mourners can keep them as a memento. Every printer and every funeral director will be more than happy to organise this for you at an extra charge, but if you want me to do this I can offer a professional, competitive service.

Please ask for further information and price guide.



Music CD

If you would likeĀ  a CD of the music played during the ceremony I am happy to provide one free of charge, on request.

(Subject to availability of the music)









photo credit: Girl flyer via photopin cc