hook up apple keyboard to iphone https://www.cedarforestloghomes.com/enupikos/7079 What if the family wants a hymn or a prayer including in the funeral ceremony?

site de rencontre musulmans belgique  This is a question I am regularly asked by Funeral Directors as well as the family members themselves. Many people want to have the assurance of a fully trained and accredited Humanist UK celebrant, but don’t want to totally exclude a religious element. As a Humanist UK celebrant I can often reach a compromise…

Quite often a Funeral Director is asked for a ‘non – religious’ Celebrant by someone who really just doesn’t want a priest. Or the client may regard themselves as having ‘no religion’ but actually believes still in heaven and an afterlife – or at least hopes for it.  While it’s clear that, as a society, we are moving away from religion, many people still feel the need to ‘cross their fingers’. So let us remind ourselves of the Humanist UK Celebrant Directory guidance published for Funeral Directors in 2013:

 “Our ceremonies are non-religious but we recognise that there are aspects of religious reference embedded in our culture and day-to-day experiences. For example, certain hymns can remind people of their youth or even of their favourite rugby team. We are happy to include this sort of content where it helps to reflect the person, but not as an act of worship.”

 And that is the key. I am happy to include some religious content where it is keenly requested and a cultural reflection but NOT as an act of worship.


http://www.aslansarmy.com/?odywan=san-fran%EF%BF%BDisco-dating-sites&841=b7 What does this mean in practice?

 One good example is of a family divided by belief. I was asked to create a funeral ceremony for a man who was an atheist and would not tolerate religion, but one half of his family were Evangelical Christians and wanted to include The Lord’s Prayer. The solution I offered was for me to conduct the ceremony including the committal, then to announce the end of the humanist funeral and introduce the son who would lead an act of worship for those wished to take part. I left the chapel and the son led the prayer. All of the family was happy and was, in fact, one of the clients who later nominated me for Celebrant of the Year 2014.

 So if someone wants a prayer including, we can find ways of doing this providing I myself don’t have to say it.

 We have a similar situation with hymns, though they are less tricky since many people, myself included, enjoy certain ecclesiastical music. One easy solution is to have an orchestral version of a hymn played, as I have done many times. If the family wants the hymn to be sung, once again, so long as I don’t have to sing it, this can be accommodated. For me it is about helping people in need without compromising my own principles, and I will do all I can to assist.

optionrally erfahrungen What families am I suitable for?

 Those who have no religious belief, and those who are agnostic or who may have some belief but are not church or chapelgoers and would feel uncomfortable with a religious service.

  reference What about hymns and prayers?

 Hymns – we know that some people are sentimentally attached to some hymns – often those associated with their childhood or with sporting events. There are also those who want a hymn to be included for the benefit of other mourners.  If required, and if I can explain why it is there, I will include a hymn.

 Prayers – prayers should not be empty words. They should be meaningfully addressed to a God in whom the speaker genuinely believes and with whom he or she has a relationship.  It would be insincere and hypocritical for a humanist to say prayers and they are not normally included in our ceremonies. Exceptionally, such as when a family is divided between a religious service and a humanist ceremony, I would suggest that a prayer be spoken by a family member opr close friend who is a believer.


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 Humanist Celebrants are non–religious but not anti-religious. We try to be inclusive. We can talk about anything but we will not worship.


http://ecapguatemala.org.gt/poioe/3051 Still Unsure?

Just pick up the phone or email me. I am happy to talk through what I can and can’t do, and the things that motivate me to want to provide the highest level of service to families and Funeral Directors.