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Professor Alice Roberts received the award for Humanist of the Year at a special British Humanist Association (BHA) awards ceremony at the Grand Hotel in Bristol, as part of its 2015 Annual Conference.

The BHA has a long tradition of celebrating individuals who have contributed not only to the success and vigour of the modern humanist movement, but also to the betterment of society more generally. The award was established to commend exceptional campaigning in challenging religious privilege, significant contributions to humanist thought and activism, and work to promote understanding of Humanism.

Alice Roberts is a physician, anatomist, anthropologist, osteoarchaeolgist, paleopathologist, and evolutionary biologist, and is the current Professor of Public Engagement in Science at Birmingham University in addition to being a Patron of the BHA who has shown serious commitment to promoting public understanding of Humanism.

Bristol was a fitting location for the award, as one of Alice’s most high-profile campaigns for the BHA involved the city. In 2014, she helped to spearhead a BHA complaint about a creationist zoo in Bristol which wrongly received an award from the Government for its teaching.

BHA Chief Executive Andrew Copson said, ‘Alice is a scientist of considerable breadth and acclaim and one of the finest science communicators active today, not to mention a dedicated advocate of Humanism. It is an enormous pleasure to recognise her significant contributions to our movement by awarding her as 2015’s Humanist of the Year.’

Previous recipients of BHA awards include novelists Sir Terry Pratchett and Philip Pullman, journalist Polly Toynbee, Nigerian human rights activist Leo Igwe, evolutionary biologists Julian Huxley and Richard Dawkins, and philosopher A J Ayer.


The British Humanist Association is the national charity working on behalf of non-religious people who seek to live ethical and fulfilling lives on the basis of reason and humanity. It promotes a secular state and equal treatment in law and policy of everyone, regardless of religion or belief.


How many of the BHA staff members can you name?



The Good Funeral Awards 2014

How To Get Viagra Prescription in Cape Coral Florida, Buy Viagra 200 mg in Chesapeake Virginia



I am really honoured to have been nominated in the category of Celebrant of the Year – even if I don’t win! I’m up against tough competition so whoever wins it will be well-deserved. The BHA has two contenders on the long list, Wendy Weavin and me.

The Good Funeral Awards were the idea of Charles Cowling, author of the Good Funeral Guide. Charles says ‘They’re not weird, these great funeral people, they’re wonderful. Above all they’re amazingly normal, just like us. Kind. Decent. Friends in need. The world needs to know this. And they richly deserve to have their praises sung and their stories told. This event is where we get to do that.’

For more information on The Good Funeral Awards please call Brian Jenner on 01202 551257

Countdown to World Humanist Congress

With only 36 days to go until the World Humanist Congress, the BHA has launched a social media campaign all about freedom of thought and freedom of expression.



The Right to Die: Double Standards or Muddled Thinking?

Browsing the BBC’s website early this morning I stumbled across an article in the corporation’s News Magazine by the philosopher Roger Scruton, entitled A Point of View: Loving pets v loving animals. (If you want to read the whole thing it’s here:


Roger Scruton

Scruton isn’t new to me, of course, otherwise I might have clicked through to the next page without a second thought  but, knowing something of the way his mind works, I decided to take a look.

His basic point is, to brutally summarise, that in loving and caring for our domestic pets, we may be harming the creatures of the wild. Astonishingly, I can agree with him to some degree, particularly about the murderous pests known as domestic cats that so many people keep, fooled  by that particular animal’s double standards and trickery.

However, my blood pressure soon began to rise as the Professor Scruton I’m used to came to the surface.  Here he is talking about where he lives:

“I see our little patch of farmland as an example of good-natured animal husbandry. All our domestic animals live in an environment to which they are adapted, enjoy basic freedoms, and are saved by our intervention from the lingering misery of old age and disease, or from a long drawn-out death from physical injury.”

Let me just repeat that important bit:

“All our domestic animals … are saved by our intervention from the lingering misery of old age and disease, or from a long drawn-out death from physical injury.”

In an article in the Daily Mail in 2012 which can be read online HERE, Kathy Gyngell writes about Tony Nicklinson‘s fight for the right to die. And who does she quote? None other than Roger Scruton:

“Though murder by necessity is argued to bring the ‘benefit’ of death to someone suffering from a painful and incurable disease and to those obliged to look after him, it will be open to abuse. Only on the battle field, with limbs shattered, a head half blown away, death imminent and no pain relief to hand, can the killing of a loved one or colleague be justified. As a legal precedent never.

Once followed, it would change our collective perception of death. It would lessen the taboo on killing. It would give different lives different values. Who would decide this hierarchy? Would that be established by precedent too? It would, as Roger Scruton has argued in his wonderful essay, ‘Dying Quietly’, bring calculation into the law where none existed before, where only absolutes have before guided our conduct. It would make death and dying easier and easier to bring about.”

So, yet again, we are asked to believe that animals are served well when we save them from  “…the lingering misery of old age and disease, or from a long drawn-out death from physical injury” but that our fellow man, our own loved ones, must  be forced to suffer to the bitter natural end of their lives.

It is a cruel society that does not want to make death and dying easier, and in which it is better to be a dog or a horse in suffering than a man or a woman in the same unfortunate situation.

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If you would like to see Professor Scruton arguing that society is better off with religion, watch this: